Yogafun Club @ St Kilda Primary
for Kids & Families - Stressproof Your Child & Home
Learn Our Top 3 Secrets to :
Secret #1: 
Manage Anxiety 
Learn proven & tested tools to help you & your children, to manage anxiety and stress levels at home or school.
Secret #2: 
Better Sleep 
Self Regulation
Yoga & Mindfulness are known to help parents and children to relax their worries & sleep better.
Secret #3: 
Improve Focus 
Learning yoga also strengthens the mind's ability to focus and develop confidence.
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ONE TIME VIP KICKSTARTER OFFER ($97): You're not just buying the fabulous Family Yogafun Club membership, but this entitles you to receive a Yogafun YOGA MAT, Yoga POSTER, Yogafun MAT BAG, YOGAFUN TSHIRT and a Yogafun DIARY to kickstart your YOGAFUN ADVENTURES at home. (Valued at $198.50).

PLUS Lots of Bonuses: 
* Birthday Club
* Family Games Night
* Guest Speakers on Health, Stress Management & Parenting
* Contests & Giveways
* Guest Appearances on Yogafun TV Show
Meet the Founder of Yogafun
Connie Mah
Connie Mah, is a pioneer of children’s yoga in Victoria, Australia.She is one of the leading children’s yoga facilitators, teacher trainers, mentors, and speakers in Australia. She has dedicated herself for fifteen years, to researching and applying techniques that pertain not just to children’s physical development but to their emotional development as well.She trains, mentors and empowers teachers and students to make schools a more fun, safe and effective learning environment. 
  •          Taught yoga to over 18,000 students and 300 schools in Victoria, since 2005
  • ​         Trained over 600 Victorian school teachers to incorporate yoga into their classrooms
  •          Australian Sports Commission Award Nomination 2010:                                                            Connie was nominated for a prestigious award for her outstanding kids yoga school              program, training new kids yoga teachers and her contribution to Victorian schools.
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